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Say hello 👋 to TWiP PRO a new community, created by and for photographers. 

TWiP PRO is...




YOUR photography COMMUNITY

The TWiP PRO Founders Club is an exclusive group of passionate professional and amateur photographers, and friends. We talk about our photos, gear, technique and more.

Participate in lively discussions about all things photography.

Get feedback on your work, and help others with theirs.

Make life-long friendships that go beyond the online community.

A growing library of COURSES

Our educational resource area is home to a growing library of courses. We also run workshops, webinars and events regularly... you'll find all of the recordings here.

Photography, marketing and business courses.

Access to new courses as they are released.

Watch on mobile, tablet or desktop browser.

Challenges and Critiques

Each week we share thoughts and feedback on member images in our live photo critiques.


Join our live photo critiques of member images!

Get useful feedback from other members.

Topic-based challenges to keep your skills sharp!

Interviews and Archive 

Watch live as we interview some of the industries best. Then participate in a live Q&A at the conclusion of each interview. Also, full access to our curated interview archive of interviews, webinars and other events. 

Join live interview and podcast recordings.

Exclusive member-only Q&A with guests.

Access our curated interview archive.

TWiP Interviews

Weekly virtual events!

Each week join fellow members and chat about photography. Keep an eye out for the occasional special guest. This is your end-of-week "zen therapy" session.

Chat and exchange ideas with other members.

Participate, or just sit back, relax and listen.

Courses included with Membership

Photographing the Human Form

An in-depth look at the amazing art of posing, lighting and photographing the human body.

24 Lessons

Create a Music Video

Follow us as we create a stunning music video in Mexico — from concept to completion!

36 Lessons

The Podcasting Professional

The exact processes we use every day to produce and market the TWiP podcast. Learn the tools and services and processes!

17 Lessons

Mastering Aurora HDR

Get a deep-dive expert instruction on how to use  and master one of the best HDR apps around.

16 Lessons

Shut Up and Shoot!

This inspirational audio course will hype you up to get your gear out, and make some images!

11 Lessons

Time Travel for Photographers

Learn how to manipulate time and light to distort the passage of time in your photographs!

8 Lessons

The Business of Automation

Learn the essential tools and techniques that successful businesses use every day! Get more done in less time, with automation.

12 Lessons

The Creative Solopreneur

Get a deep-dive and real-world look at how you can work more efficiently every day. Learn the tools, and the mindset.

18 Lessons

LinkedIn Domination!

Up your LinkedIn game with this comprehensive deep-dive into this powerful social network.

40 Lessons


People are talking...


"Joining this community has been by far the best decision I've made in my photographic journey!"


"TWiP PRO is an amazing place where photographers from around the world can meet and show what they do. I’ve met people I would have never crossed paths with. 


"Fantastic site! It's a wonderful community of fellow photographers. I look forward to the daily posts and interaction with the other members."


"TWiP PRO is the community I go to if I want to learn, share and get inspired to continue doing what I love."

Real Estate Photographer

"This is my community... where same-yet-different is makes us all feel like we belong. Thank you Frederick having creating a fabulous place for us all to hang out and belong."

360º Photographer

"Love the mixer and learning from others. The critique sessions are a great learning experience."


"TWiP PRO has turned into a great community and the weekly get-togethers are a highlight of my week. I've made some real friends inside this wonderful community!"

Model Photographer

"A friendly, welcoming community that upgrades (by far) my photography education; interacting with photography experts in a positive environment helps me be better at the art."

Colorist / Post-Professional

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Coretta Scott King
Activist, Author

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Founders Club Community Access

Access to course library

Photography challenges

Live photo critiques

Access to the interview library

Weekly photographer mixers



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Founders Club Community Access

Access to course library

Photography challenges

Live photo critiques

Access to the interview library

Weekly photographer mixers


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The best choice. Pay once, and you're set for life! You'll get access to everything, with no further payments.

Founders Club Community Access

Access to course library

Photography challenges

Live photo critiques

Access to the interview library

Weekly photographer mixers

"This is YOUR community. The members, education and interactions are the real value in this place."

Frederick Van Johnson
Founder/Host, This Week in Photo (TWiP)

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